The culture education programme of ICK has two starting points:

1. everyone can dance
2. the personal physical experience – of the curious individual body – is central.

ICK has built up a rich expertise in education projects for and with children (primary education) youths (secondary education) and dance students (higher education). The method of Double Skin/Double Mind (DS/DM) is much used in secondary education, e.g. in the learning trajectory Contemporary Dance in pre-vocational secondary education (vmbo). The Young projects are developed for primary as well as secondary education. In these projects, creations by ICK (ROCCO and Macbeth) are transformed into education projects with their own interpretations: this is where youth performances like Roccito and Young Macbeth are made, in which pupils share the stage with the professional dancers of the ensemble. The learning trajectories will be extended over the coming years and Young projects will be developed alongside new performances.