Research creates room for experimentation and reflection. It can contextualise a  repertoire, locate and communicate intrinsic values in artistic signatures and thereby promote depth and innovation in dance as an art form and in its relationship with society. The research with ICK is aimed at documentation, notation and transfer of contemporary dance. All the research activities emanate directly from the artistic practice of the choreographers working at ICK and, conversely, the research results also flow back to their practices. This means that the choreographers working with ICK contribute actively to the research, whilst also reaping its fruit to feed their artistic development.

Whilst the creative processes at ICK are enriched by the knowledge produced by the research, that knowledge is also used to raise the education practice and the method of transfer developed by ICK to a higher level. The dance research by means of documentation and notation, moreover, also builds bridges between dance as a source of knowledge and other art forms and academic research domains. Among other things, it opens new perspectives on the dialogue concerning the relationship between body and mind. 

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