Noting dance

Between 2011 and 2014, the ICK Academy presented the (Dance) Notation Series: an online and real-life platform for exchanging investigations and projects about dance notation.

What knowledge is generated within dance research?
And what questions does the researcher need to ask?

(Dance) Notation Series was an initiative of ICK, coordinated by Bertha Bermúdez in collaboration with international partners and the research group Art Practice and Artistic Development of Marijke Hoogenboom at the Amsterdam School of the Arts. It is built on the project Inside Movement Knowledge, the interdisciplinary research into new methods for documentation, transfer and conservation of contemporary choreographic and dance knowledge.

Notation Series # 1 themes 2011

  • Workshops on reading movement, the Benesh Notation System and documenting performances.
  • A symposium on the role of notation in creative processes and movement analysis from an interdisciplinary approach.

Notation Series # 2 theme 2012

An exchange of experiential knowledge from dance in dialogue with new interactive technologies.

Notation Series #3 themes 2013

  • Artistic Praxis and Research
  • Different documentation perspectives
  • Artistic future projects

Notation Series #4 theme 2014

A symposium on dance research and dance research in education in two meetings, on 21 June and 29 June 2014. The programme was a mix of working groups, installations, presentations on the status quo and future developments.

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