Inside out

Let's talk about dance is an investigation into dance. Not only dance on stage, but dance as it is physically experienced by dancers, choreographers, light designer, the audience and the researcher himself. The starting point is that the experience of dance, also for the audience, is a physical activity.

After studying cultural anthropology, research initiator Bram Vreeswijk became interested in dance. He followed various dance trainings and discovered how valuable the conversations of dancers and choreographers can be. Because those conversations are not only about movements or technique, but about the whole field of physical experience, and therefore about the way you deal with yourself, others and the world.


With Let's talk about dance, Vreeswijk takes these conversations out of the studio. He organises meetings between dancers, choreographers and theatre audiences and invites various experts: psychologists, martial artists, but also the blind, or ex-prisoners who have spent years in a small space.


Motivations for Movement is a series of interviews by Bram Vreeswijk with former ICK dancers Victor Callens and Sawami Fukuoka. These interviews are about their motivations as dancers and essential aspects of movement material by Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten. After the interviews with Callens and Fukuoka, Vreeswijk wrote an essay in which he compares the work of Greco and Scholten with the ideas of psychologist Peter Levine relating to trauma healing.


Click here for the essay and for videos of the interviews with Callens and Fukuoka.

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