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Dance education

Dance strengthens your self-confidence, self-expression, self-knowledge and health. At ICK Academy, we focus on the personal physical experience in order to achieve movement and dance.

Our cultural education programme has two starting points: 

  1. Everyone can dance.
  2. The physical experience - of the curious, individual body - is central.

ICK Academy has a rich experience in educational projects for and with children, young people and dance students. For primary and secondary education, we have the Young projects. In these, we give ICK's creations a new, individual interpretation. This opportunity creates educational youth performances such as Roccito and Young Macbeth, in which students share the stage with our professional dancers. In the coming years, we will expand the learning goals and develop new Young projects. 

We are always finding ways to transform the workshop Double Skin/Double Mind - especially for professional dancers - into a workable, stimulating system for educational purposes. The workshop is given at colleges, academies as well as in primary and secondary education. It teaches children, adolescents and students more about the intuitive body that is at the basis of all our decisions. In the workshop we learn to recognize and trust this feeling. The workshop was also incorporated into tangible teaching material, the Sensorium Toolkit, which can be used by dance teachers.

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