Form(s) of life

The performance installation Forme(s) de vie will be a choreographic and technological experience. In a space with images, sounds and objects, people with loss of mobility, dancers and robot prostheses move together. The installation develops organically around a film on different screens and also involves the bodies of visitors. In the film, we see dancers as prostheses. They compensate for the muscular and motor deficits of the patients and at the same time they are influenced by them: their relationship to the present, their awareness of the materiality of the body and their relationship with each other. At a time when the end of life is still on the edge of our individualistic, ultra-competitive and hygienic techno-scientific society, this installation denounces the contemporary notion of an augmented body.

A first research video: Shonen - Forme(s) de vie

In Amsterdam, workshops with local amateur dancers with loss of mobility will take place. The end result is an informal presentation for the public, followed by the performance Forme(s) de Vie in the same setting: an open space with three film screens, where the audience and the performers walk through and enter into a dialogue.

The workshops have been postponed to the season 22/23 due to the corona measures.