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Concerto Fisico Per Azione

premiere is postponed

Michela Lucenti / Balletto Civile

Concerto fisico per azioni  is a physical and vocal score that traces and redesign the history of Balletto Civile. A musical tale. A not-nostalgic crooked “greatest hits” that tells the journey of a Company through its own stories.  

As a juke-box that awakens the emotional accents of a memory that is still present; of how we changed; of the sand from which we emerged; of the Creatures; of the wooden horses built for Troy; of the fire extinguishers thrown into the dark; of the milk sea where Woyzeck and Andres talk about emptiness; of the yellow supermarkets; of Desdemona’s desperate scream; of what happened in Thebes; of the Resistance; of the struggle and of the Revolution; of a green lawn and of how in the end the Bad Lambs are all of us; of a mirrored floor and of an orange rope; of the stupidity; of the piles of unworn dresses; of the power and of the heavy coats of 1918; of stuffed foxes and sexual seasons; of death and of a Brazilian with a green plume; of a small white dog; of taboos; of ducks and Kenyan acrobats; of the Venetian pilot and of the sun always in front; of firefighters and of priests; of an accident and of a motorway restaurant; of a radio and of a city always on fire; of the order of things.


Then, everything disappears, sucked into glances, as if it never existed.

The performance draws inspiration from the Bardo Tödröl Chenmo, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, which describes the experience that consciousness has in the interval between death and the next rebirth. This interval is called “Bardo” in Tibetan.

“Bar” means “between” and “do” means “island, point”. A sort of reference point between two things or, rather, an island in the middle of a lake.

The concept of “Bardo” refers to the period between confusion and another confusion that is about to turn into wisdom. This present interval between past and future is the experience of the Bardo.

BALLETTO CIVILE is a nomadic association made up of performers.


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