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Conferenza Danzata

The Body in Revolt

Milan's international festival Milanoltre will focus on the work of Emio Greco | Pieter C. Scholten during its 2023 edition. During the residency in Milan, We, the BREATH will have its Italian premiere and the award-winning dance performance ROCCO will be presented. The focus opens with a performative reading: The Body in Revolt, performed by Vivaio, the junior company of Porta d'Oriente/Serra di Danza, the production centre in southern Italy under the artistic direction of Greco and Scholten. In addition to the performances, two Double Skin/Double Mind workshops will be held in collaboration with DANCEHAUSpiù.


One of the motifs of ICK Dans Amsterdam is The Body in Revolt, which is characterized by the power and vulnerability of the intuitive body. Greco and Scholten wrote an essay about this and took Don Quixote as their mascot, accompanied by 7 key concepts that they will explain in more detail during a performative lecture. During this presentation, dancers will show fragments of the creation We, the Breath, the first part of a long-term project that gives meaning to the key concepts and expresses the changing and complex times in which we live. During the discussion the head of the Academy Suzan Tunca will participate online from Amsterdam to explain more about the research around dance documentation.

The audiences can discover the strength of their own intuition by participating in the Double Skin/Double Mind, Movement Classes, the dans method which was developed by Greco and Scholten for amateurs and professionals alike.


Choreography and Concept: Emio Greco | Pieter C. Scholten
Research: Suzan Tunca
Performers Matteo Almici, Giacomo De Luca, Lorenza Mangione, Lucia Mosaico 
Repetitor Victor Callens
Costumes Clifford Portier
Production ICK Dans Amsterdam and Serra di Danza 

photo © Ruben Timman

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