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ULTRA, Nicola Galli 
Date: 13 December 2023, 20:00h & 21:30h (Frascati 2) 
Duration: 50 minuten

In front of us, the underground. 

A dark, earthy cavity housing an invisible, industrious ecosystem of organisms engaged in the complex process of constant connection, exchange and transformation of matter. 
The creationULTRA offers a view of a hidden world, bringing to light a transformative process embodied by two electric bodies, inhabitants in transit and custodians of an archive of knowledge. 
ULTRAencourages us to imagine ourselves as ultra-humans, united in a momentum of collective contamination, to recognize the power of relationships between things and to perceive a balanced (re-)organization of the world. 


11 3 8 7, TREVOGA  
Date: 13 December 2023, 20:00h & 21:30h (Frascati 3) 
Duur: 35 minuten

An artificially generated TV show, an eerie dream after a late-night doom scroll, or perhaps something even more uncanny.

"11 3 8 7" is a performance inspired by the lavish fantasies we fabricate online and their conflicting relation with the increasingly hostile reality around us. It fills the eyes with polished imagery, yet the packaging is hollow. Behind the glossy appearance of its fictional avatars lurks an unsettling atmosphere almost impossible to grasp. Like wandering alone through a deserted shopping mall, it haunts its viewers with the chills of a cold, manufactured absence.

- “It was perfectly sexy, imbued with desire and addiction, teeny shorts and selfies; and perfectly haunting, with death stares and un unexcepted spitting out of bloody tongues.”
Rebecca Douglass, Springback Magazine.  

11 3 8 7 has been awarded the Best of Fringe Awards 2023.


Lecture 'Dance of Urgency' - Bogomir Doringer
Date: 13 December 2023, 20:40h (Frascati 3) 
Duration: 30 minuten  

In this lecture talk, ICK’s Associate Artist Bogomir Doringer will speak on his project I Dance Alone. The project observes dance floors from a bird's eye view, or what used to be called the divine perspective. Crowds are analyzed as microscopic samples. Zooming in to dancing gestures and anonymous dancing bodies has provided extensive knowledge and insight into club culture and its transformation in times of socio-political changes. As if dancing crowds are like clouds announcing changing weather conditions or sensing may be times of shifts and urgencies that are about to come.  

In Doringer’s work, he travels between looking at dancing crowds, a form of political protest, to tracing empowering powers that dance holds for everyone who dares to move. The curation of symposiums and exhibitions became an active methodology in his work. It awarded him with the term "dance of urgency", a dance that rises in times of personal and collective crises, and such a dance aims to empower individuals and groups. The presentation will be supported by various video archived material and visual examples. The most important part of dance and fascination with it is not knowing but moving within or towards it.  


Gheresh Midam, Roshanak Morrowatian 
Date: 13 December 2023, 22:15h (Frascati 3) 
Duration: 7 minuten 

The dancing female body as a form of resistance. Inspired bya scene from the film Gheysar, where actressSharzadpowerfully and captivatingly dances for a predominantly male audience, Roshanak Morrowatian takes a closer look at thoseperformed gestures and explores thesubtle ways the body has the capacity to regain power in spaces of inequality


Robin Nimanong 
Popup performances (Theatre Café)

Robin Nimanong brings a colorful program to Frascati's Café. Let yourself be surprised by these exciting pop up performances! On Wednesday night, Robin invites dragartist Rex Collins, who will showcase a performance with elements of live painting and sculpting. Thursday night, the Frascati Café will be transformed into a "runway.” The ballroom-house House of Mugler will introduce you to this sparkling community! On Friday, Robin will show excerpts from their performance Cyborg DNA, where they search for a dance language that merges technology and the body. 


Christian Guerematchi  
Popup performances (Theatre Café) 

Christian Guerematchi shows fragments of his performance FUNK.  

FUNK is how bodies move together, how they make themselves be heard and how they connect with each other. The groove of the music movement funk is a metaphor for physical behavior, a passed on culture of sound, a dance and the smell of the body in motion. Therefore, FUNK is a cosmic experience that brings together the vibrations of the past, the present and the future.  
The musical philosophy of Sun Ra, expressed in this performance, embraces the 'ancestral' feminine energy from which we as humans are born and which can heal us. An energy that liberates the black body and connects it with resilient identity, lost culture, stolen wisdom and forbidden authenticity.  
Choreographer Christian Guerematchi shows that the body recognizes the cultural traditions that are in our blood. The body unconsciously reacts to internalized trauma, which is passed down from generation to generation. The consequence for bodies of color is therefore evident in the wearing of 'white masks'; as depicted in Frantz Fanon's book 'Black Skin, White Masks'. Inspired by the emotions and insights contained in Fanon's words, and the poetic lyrics of Sun Ra, Guerematchi makes a physical translation of the search for self-awareness.  


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