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Day 3 - The Artists Are Present #1

Black identity, shamanism, groove, aggression

Alexandre Fandard – Comme un Symbole 

In turn barbaric, riffraff, potential terrorist and eternal stranger, the “youth from the suburbs” is often a masculine figure, despised, adulated, sacrificed or eroticised. Alexandre Fandard’s creations as a visual artist and choreographer never remain fixated in one form and bring to the stage all these rock-solid archetypes. In this new research in solo, he rehabilitates the youth from the suburbs as a symbol.  

Smaïl Kanouté - Never21
Never Twenty One… when the number 21 becomes a cursed number, symbol of shortened lives. 
Never Twenty One… when the number 21 becomes a cursed number, symbol of shortened lives. Is living without reaching the age of majority a life? Dying in childhood, what does it mean? Dancing a missing child, what does that induce? An innocence in the movement? And for loved ones, what traces does mourning leave on a body? What dialogue is created between the visible and the invisible? Scientists say the body loses 21 grams upon death. Is it the weight of the soul? That of emotions, bodily energy, memories of a lifetime?  
In an urban atmosphere tinged with shamanism, Smaïl will resuscitate the words / ills of the victims and their families. Through his bodies that has become a graphic sculpture, a surface of expression and claim, an object of resilience, a memorial… like a wandering spirit, he will tell us about their lives stolen, torn away, sacrificed.  

Through him, we will relive the moment of the murder, but also the encounters and the roles that each takes in this arms business which eats away at this discriminated youth from poor neighbourhoods. An inevitable chess game where some, imprisoned in mafia circles, are pushed to play with their lives, and where others, innocent, find themselves unexpectedly on the trajectory of stray bullets. 
Christian Guerematchi - FUNK (work-in-progress)
The dance performance FUNK is a physical approach to the psyche, in which our passed traditions reside. Choreographer Christian Guerematchi shows that a shared past has crawled under the skin of five performers. Their body responds, unconsciously, to internalized traumas. On the other hand, their bodies recognize the cultural traditions - dance, music and language - that are in their blood and passed on from generation to generation.
FUNK portraits how black bodies move together, how they make themselves heard. It is the vibrancy of the black culture, the boogaloo and the soul train fueled by the music. The protagonist proclaims the voice of Mother Nature. The 'ancestral' feminine energy from which they were born, the same energy that wants to bring them back to their authentic selves in order to be able to heal.
The authentic and physical expression of the five performers emerges through the poetry of Sun Ra - the godfather of afrofuturism. Christian is inspired by the work 'Black Skin, White Masks' by Frantz Fanon. In this novel he looks at racism in the context of psychology. With the knowledge that lies in Fanon's words, Guerematchi makes a physical translation of the 'black experience’.