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FRA : AI, Creativity & the Body in Revolt

PREMIERE - open days in Amsterdam

Under the name FRA (Italian for 'in between'), ICK has been organizing meetings since 2013 where the intuitive body is questioned through provocation and contradiction. Until now, these meetings have been nomadic but from 2022 onwards they will occur regularly at the new home of ICK: Space for Dance Art. The meetings are for a wide audience interested in dance, in movement or simply in the fiction of the body. 
This edition of FRA takes place in the context of the PREMIERE EU project Open Days in Amsterdam 19-21 September. Together with invited speakers, the PREMIERE consortium and the audience, we aim to ignite a creative dialogue between artistic practices and the technological sector. Which creative and ethical dimensions come to the fore when positioning the intuitive body in relation to latest developments in AI technologies?  



18:30 – 19:00: Welcome, walk-in

19:00 – 19:05: Introduction by Suzan Tunca and Erik Lint

19:05 – 19:20: Kim Baraka: What is embodied and disembodied AI? What is the role of artistic practices in AI/robotics development and what is the role of science in informing embodied (artistic) practices?

19:20 – 19:35: Julia Rijssenbeek: Why is reducing biological life (incl. the human body) through technological control and calculation limited? How can artistic practices inform our thinking about (human) life, the envrionment and technology?

19:35 – 19:45: Presentation Cobalt project: what about human agency?
                       Short break
20:00 – 20:15: EU Project Replay introduction/impression

20:15 – 20:35: Conversation between Erik Lint (Head AHK ID Lab) and Emio Greco (artistic director ICK Dans Amsterdam together with Pieter C. Scholten) about the intuitive body en creativity

20:35 – 21:00: Q&A and discourse with audience


Address: Space for Dance Art
                 Rijnlandlaan 3, Amsterdam


Date: Wednesday, September 20
EU Time: 18:45h
Link < FRA: AI, Creativity & The Body in Revolt >




photo: Guillerme Carrión - Muriel Romero / STOCOS