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FRA | Symposium ART + CARE: Forme(s) de Vie

ICK Associate Artist Éric Minh Cuong Castaing

Under the name FRA (Italian for 'in between'), ICK has been organizing meetings since 2013 where the intuitive body is questioned through provocation and contradiction. Until now, these meetings have been nomadic. From 2022 onwards they will occur regularly at the home of ICK: Space for Dance Art. The meetings are for a wide audience interested in dance, in movement or simply in the fiction of the body. 
This edition of FRA marks the kick-off of the multi-year project ART + CARE which highlights the relationship between art and care. The work of ICK Associate Artist Éric Minh Cuong Castaing is the central focus.
In his choreographic work Éric explores the representation and perception of the human body in the 21st century. In doing so, he interrogates the dualisms of reality and fiction, nature and culture, the organic and artificial. Eric Minh is interested in unique bodies and interpersonal relationships. He works not only with trained dancers, but also with amateurs, people with movement limitations and with (physically challenged) children. Eric Minh's projects are developed in France and the Netherlands, in collaboration with local care institutions, interested individuals and with special education.
Space for Dance Art
Rijnlandlaan 3,
Amsterdam (NL)


About the performance Forme(s) de Vie

Translated from French, Forme(s) de Vie means life forms or forms of life. Playfully translated, it means giving shape to life by activating the body in motion from an aesthetic motivation. In Forme(s) de Vie, French/Vietnamese choreographer Eric Minh Cuong Castaing brings together dancers from his company Shonen and adults with mobility impairments. In doing so, he reveals the strength and vulnerability of bodies that are too often underestimated or written off. What gestures would you retain if movement became a problem, a goal, a struggle that demanded all your attention? Dancers act as human prostheses, as it were, compensating with their bodies for the motor deficiencies of a former dancer and a former boxer. The performance develops organically around a film installation and also involves the bodies of visitors.

The performance Forme(s) de Vie with the original French cast can be seen on Wednesday December 15th 14:00 in the theatre studio of ICK: Space for Dance Art. 

Before the performance (12:30-13:30) you can join a danceworkshop. More details will be announced soon.


The project Forme(s) de Vie at ICK is being realized with financial support from VriendenLoterijFonds, VSBFonds, Stichting Zabawas, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Noord-Holland and Fonds Culturel Franco-Néerlandais.



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