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ICK-Fest x Bellevue

12, 13 & 14 april

The lunchtime theatre performance Sweet like a Chocolate (Dec 2019) and the collaboration with Theater Bellevue tasted like more. So we sat down and looked for new opportunities to present together, preferably every year.

Together we are creating an annual dance fest, an ICK-Fest. The first, intimate edition consists of three performances, a lively programme with workshops and lectures, and the Dutch premiere of Vibes, an interactive dance game. An edition that smells of spring; there is talk of light, and we're going to dance. We really appreciate your attendance and invite you to the first ICK-Fest x Bellevue on 12, 13 and 14 April. 

In the series Known & to Know, new work by a young choreographer is danced by the ICK ensemble and presented in combination with a 'golden oldie' from the repertoire of Emio Greco | Pieter C. Scholten.

Double Bill: Reverberated Emissions & Nero
12, 13 and 14 April | 20:30 | Main Hall 

In this programme, the new play Reverberated Emissions by Andreas Hannes, and Nero, the remake of Conjunto di Nero from the repertoire of Greco and Scholten (Montpellier, France - 2001). Showing new work by a young generation, back to back with an established contemporary repertoire, takes us Back to the Future. What is new, what was new, and what is the line in between? Gravity appears to be a common denominator in these two pieces. A prominent force that in Hannes' work determines mutual physical relationships, and in Greco and Scholten's work is a player in the space between light and shadow.

Play even more: Vibes!
14 April | 14:15 & 16:15 | Main Hall

Vibes is an interactive dance game in which participants are the main characters. Through an app on your mobile phone you get instructions through headphones to move together. Choreographer Jesus de Vega and composer Michele Samba developed Vibes #4 - Mujõ. Walk through this labyrinth full of sonic obstacles, where you will move to advance in the game.

Lecture | Light designer Henk Danner
12 April | 19:30 | Paloni Zaal
Free admission

Spring is here...let there be light! Henk Danner has been working with ICK Dans Amsterdam for many years. Danner teaches theatre studies at the University of Amsterdam, and as a lighting designer he designed the light architecture that is so characteristic of the company's work. During ICK-Fest x Bellevue, Danner will give a lecture on how light, in ICK's view, can become a fellow actor instead of an "illumination".

Warming-up Skipping | Andreas Hannes
12 and 13 April | 20:10 | Bordes
Free admission

The joy of skipping... who doesn't remember it? Andreas Hannes brings it back into his dance practice and plays with speed, movement, direction and the lines in space to create a real Skipping piece. You can participate in this exploration of rhythm, tension, fun and how this relates to dance in this workshop.

Meet & Greet
12 and 13 April | 21:50 | Foyer
Free Entrance

Afterwards there is an opportunity to meet the dancers and talk about their work.