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Christian Guerematchi

artist in residence 2021/2024

About Christian Guerematchi (Slovenia, 1981)
Christian Guerematchi is a creator and performer with a ballet and contemporary background and is one of the artists in residence at ICK Dans Amsterdam.

In his work, Christian Guerematchi looks at how fragments of history carry black culture further. He did this in 2022 with the piece 'Hissy Fit' in which he viewed the resounding echo of the LA Riots in 1992 from the afro pessimism of author Frank B. Wilderson III. Wilderson describes a centuries-long cycle of violence that keeps black people under control. With 'N.A.M.: 'Non Aligned Movement' in 2020, Guerematchi created an afro-futuristic world in which he unraveled the meaning of black European identity as black president Tito of Yugoslavia.

Now with 'FUNK he connects the two concepts: afro pessimism 
and afrofuturism. He contrasts the hopelessness of Afro-Pessimism according to Frantz Fanon in 'Black Skin, White Masks' with the Afro-futuristic and the escapist poetry of Sun Ra.

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