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Fernanda Libman

New Adventures 2021

Fernanda Libman Foneseca (Brazil/Portugal) graduated from the School for New Dance Development in 2020. She is a choreographer, performer and sound artist based in Amsterdam.⁠⁠ She works with the creation of ecologies through the encounter of matter and audio.  Using sound as a catalytic and destabilising device, Fernanda explores in her performances questions of selfhood and its relation to time, diving into the multiple layers that compose one’s singularity. Her work touches the liminal spaces of perception, approaching it from a synesthetic perspective; to see sound, to feel time, to experience image, to become question. By composing triggering sonic architectural sites for the body to inhabit and poetically reconfigure its form, Fernanda seeks to build passages, bridges into ways of existing otherwise.⁠

Together with Marko Ivic and Reza Mirabi, Libman has been selected for the New Adventures trajectory where they want to learn from each other's practices and work together through a non-hierarchical methodology. The creators all studied at the AHK, but each in a different practice within the performing arts. They all use the body as a starting point for their research and their movement practice is strongly related to sound and musicality.

The result of their residency can be seen on Friday 19 and Saturday 20 November in New Adventures: Mami Kang & Fernanda Libman - Marko Ivic - Reza Mirabi.