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Kaide Gonzalez

New Adventures 2023 #1 / Supported Artist

Kaide Gonzalez (Sweden, 1988) is a Swedish/Chilean dancer specialised in House dance. He started his training at Åsa Folkhögskola (Sweden) and graduated with a Bachelor degree in Education in 2022 at the Academy of Theatre and Dance in Amsterdam (NL). He frequently participates in battles internationally parallel to teaching and performing. He was recently working with the French company CCNRB/Black Sheep as a dancer in the performance Earthbound. He is also taking steps as a maker, whether it’s creating in the theatre space or within cinematography. He aims to be free from labels while being mindful of the House dance culture he’s taking part of and is intrigued by the notion of an ‘in-between’. He is currently developing his own dance practice which lays the foundation for his dance language, which he calls ‘Leviathan Flow’: a holistic practice that works as an improvisational tool that puts emphasis on allowing the YOU to come through in your improvisation. 

In 2023, Kaide Gonzalez is one of the New Adventures makers. On 2 and 3 June, he will present his research 60 seconds in Theater De Vlugt.

For 60 seconds, Kaide researches and deconstructs what it means to enter a battle and the journey behind those 60 seconds in the spotlight. What is it that drives dancers to keep going back to practice and further refine their abilities to get to dance for 60 seconds? What is the mental and physical state that these 60 seconds asks from a dancer? In his New Adventures research, Kaide works with his individual battle experiences and his practice in house dance, which is part of the umbrella term “street and club styles”.