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Lucinda Wessels

New Adventures #2 2022

Lucinda Wessels (1990, NL) is a dancer, choreographer, DJ, and co-founder of the online platform Hows of Norms. For New Adventures 2022, Lucinda will research possibilities for working with new technologies in relation to the body and improvised movement, in collaboration with filmmaker Matthijs Vuijk.

From an early age, Lucinda has been inspired by hip-hop dance and culture, and she has been trained in various academic styles within her MBO Dance Artist education at PACT Amsterdam. As a performer, she has performed in the work of ISH, DOX, Theater Utrecht, the National Ballet, and Nicole Beutler Projects, among others, in addition to developing her own multidisciplinary films and choreographic work.
In 2022, Lucinda was one of the makers of het Atelier, an initiative of Oerol and Over het IJ, in which she created the location performance SLEEEP DREEEM WAKEEE.