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Reza Mirabi

New Adventures 2021

Reza Mirabi (Iran/Germany) studied Fine Arts at the University of Mumbai and graduated from DAS Choreography, Master program at the University of the Arts, Amsterdam. He works with choreography as an ecological practice that affords the regeneration of our grounds - our grounds as manifold and always in movement. With his practice, Mirabi tries to look at - or rather listen to - these movements and imagines ways and methods to co-compose with them. How to co-compose with each other and the land through dance and stories? Could dance and stories allow us to finally embrace the decomposition of our concrete floors and of our violent political and social structures?

Together with Marko Ivic and Fernanda Libman Foneseca, Mirabi has been selected for the New Adventures trajectory where they want to learn from each other's practices and work together through a non-hierarchical methodology. The creators all studied at the AHK, but each in a different practice within the performing arts. They all use the body as a starting point for their research and their movement practice is strongly related to sound and musicality.

By always starting from the body and resolutely returning to the body, Mirabi approaches his work through embodied practices of listening. Listening - as a choreographic process and political tool - to find gaps, to unravel new movement in, and to eventually articulate, our contemporary crisis otherwise:

”Rather than listening to, I look for ways to enter into a state of listening and remembrance as ways of shifting into the background. What are the political and aesthetic implications for today that listening insistingly proposes? To enter into a state of listening involves more-than-body, it is a somatic, peripheral, and even synaesthetic process and never limited to our ears. In a state of listening, we feel movement, hear time, sense the forgotten, unfold memories, and see the unheard. Listening is critical as a collective practice to reflect, rethink, and to re-imagine through our individual and collective bodies. Practices that allow us to digest the complexities and intensities of the contemporary crisis and empower us to act."

The result of their residency can be seen on Friday 19 and Saturday 20 November in New Adventures: Mami Kang & Fernanda Libman - Marko Ivic - Reza Mirabi.