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Tamir Eting

New Adventures 2021

Tamir Eting (Israel, 1990) is an interdisciplinary choreographer working at the intersection of dance, philosophy, installation, and performance. He was a dancer at Batsheva Ensemble Dance Company for three years and recently completed his BA at the School of New Dance Development, (Amsterdam, NL), during which he participated in a residency at Sense Lab at Concordia University (Montreal, CA). Aside from his practice, he collaborates with and performs for other artists. Tamir is a certified Gaga teacher and works with actors, movers, and dance companies. He teaches workshops in The Netherlands, Russia, Italy, Israel, and Germany. 

ICK selected Tamir for the 2021 New Adventures programme. Proposing theater as a mutable environment, he questions the performative space through different mediums, namely choreography, set design, and video. Working through installation theater, his realm of research lies between physical investigations, spatial constructions, and theoretical quests. Building his own scenography, Tamir sets conditions for the works to emerge. His moving practice is shaped by the relation between physicality and the built environment: how the setting informs the bodies and the bodies, in return, affect the material constructions.

The tiniest act performed on 15 & 16 October in New Adventures: Tamir Eting & Charles Pas.

Photo: Nellie de Boer