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Sedrig Verwoert

"Everyone is born, grows, finds their place within a collective and at the same time develops as an individual. Moreover, the individual transformation of one person actually reflects the history of humanity an sich: a carefree, paradisiacal beginning, followed by the process of development that brings change." - Alan Watts

One ritual, two bodies. The transformation, step by step, into a new identity. How do you find space within yourself to change? And how do you embark on the quest to connect with the space around you, and to connect with each other? The body is central, in a moving transformation: together they form a new world.

THE RITUAL is Sedrig Verwoert's latest performance, in which Verwoert explores identity as something cultural, sexual and physical. Following the premiere of the audiovisual performance Within Without II, a collaboration with renowned lighting designer Nick Verstand, among others, Verwoert presents in THE RITUAL a further development of the choreographies from Within Without II. Get carried away by this exciting duet by Sedrig Verwoert with dancer Alanna Archibald.

(in double bill with Anybody Out There? - Emio Greco | Pieter C. Scholten)


foto © Alex Avgud


Production supported by ICK Dans Amsterdam & Het Nationale Ballet