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Addio alla Fine


Emio Greco | Pieter C Scholten

Farewell to End. A journey to a physical and mental point zero, to a new beginning

How can we manage to break through the general sense of malaise? How do we organise a world without limits? How do we get people to take responsibility for each other again? In Addio alla Fine the audience boards an imaginary Noah's Ark. The seven dancers make waves through their perpetually propelling movements. Guest artists break in during the trip and present their own interpretation of Farewell to End.


Addio alla Fine was inspired by the book De Improvisatiemaatschappij (The Improvisational Society) by Hans Boutellier. In his book Bouttellier writes about a new social order in society, about ways in which coherence and solidarity arise. Another source of inspiration is the film E la Nave Va (1983) by the Italian director Federico Fellini. Fellini demonstrates how idolatry, social status, political inclination, nationality and a desire for power and love trouble human relations, when a large company is clenched together on a boat, forced to pass their time together.

This performance is the first of a series of five around 'the body in revolt'. In this series, dance is used to search for new correlations with ourselves (the own body) and society (other bodies).

Addio alla Fine demonstrates how dynamics and energy can be passed round based on the trust that the other receives your energy and keeps it going.



"Unquestionably one of the most overwhelming theatre experiences of this season." - Astrid van Leeuwen (Telegraaf, January 16 2014)

"Its worth mentioning that the performance in its original form was very steady. It has, due to the strength of the partly new cast, not lost any of it's power." - Marcelle Schots (Theaterkrant, 6 oktober 2013)

"Impulses branch in waves through the pelvis into extreme tips of elongated limbs. A beautiful physical representation of the program texts about 'spirals' and 'continuous lines'." – Annette Embrechts (Volkskrant, June 19, 2012)

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