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Blasphemy Rhapsody - Cinematografico


Emio Greco | Pieter C Scholten

From home, online, moving along benches and tables, Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten and their dancers went in search of the space that is created when you let fixed values waver, via the fast footwork of the Charleston and the ecstatic Pizzica.

The premiere of Blasphemy Rhapsody was postponed three times by Covid. Nevertheless, the makers did not give up and invited Golden Calf winner Arno Dierickx to make a film version of their work. With camera and edit, he examined distance, time and mobility from a different perspective. The shoot took place in the empty Internationaal Theater Amsterdam (ITA). Practical challenges such as lockdown and curfew gave the film an extra urgency that matched its theme. The end result is an independent film, complementary and parallel to the yet-to-be-expected dance performance. Reason enough for filmmaker Arno Dierickx to make his cinematic interpretation of their performance.

Blasphemy Rhapsody - We Are The People (Cinematografico) premiered on 27 March 2021 during Cinedans Fest as an online special. Now expected on demand on various platforms, including from 24 to 30 April on Meervaart Live. The choice is yours!