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Hoe ik Talent voor het Leven kreeg


WAT WE DOEN - Andalusisch Orkest - George & Eran - ICK

A grand, theatrical encounter of different worlds

In this colourful, humorous and penetrating performance, theatre, music and dance come together in a grand theatrical spectacle. A beautiful cast of actors and musicians together with dozens of refugees tell this special story of Al Galidi in the theatre. The companies WHAT WE DOEN, the Amsterdam Andalusian Orchestra, George & Eran Productions and ICK Amsterdam join forces and put the reception centres on stage as a village with its own laws and regulations. Seen through Semmier's eyes, the players take the audience into the sometimes bizarre lives of the people who live and work there. They often try to do the right thing for themselves and others, but sometimes get hopelessly entangled in the system.


Rodaan al Galidi wrote about the 9 years he was in a reception centre (for asylem seekers) the acclaimed book Hoe ik talent voor het Leven kreeg. A penetrating and humorous story about Semmier Kariem, who applies for asylum in the Netherlands. Semmier dreams of a new life, but for him the reception centre becomes an almost magical village where he waits endlessly. In Hoe ik talent voor het leven kreeg, Al Galidi sketches not only an image of asylum policy but also of Dutch society. This all in a raw and surprisingly funny way.

The Netherlands had taught me three things: no more respect for Europe than caution. A decent lie is better than the messy truth. And I now knew the difference between a grandmother's bike and a women's bike. - from the book Hoe ik talent voor het leven kreeg

The theatre experience Hoe ik talent voor het leven kreeg life takes place on stage and in the foyer. Afterwards there is food, music and space throughout the theatre for players and audience to meet and talk to each other.

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