Context program and audience projects

ICK is constantly developing all kinds of media and workshops, which give context to the performances. Several projects are also interactive, or made together with the audience.

You will soon read up-to-date information about our context programming, audience and site projects here.


In the Double Skin/Double Mind workshops, we offer the audience the opportunity to experience the training method of the ICK dancers. Under the guidance of a DS/DM coach, participants focus on their breathing and the physical and mental extremes of the body. The workshops are suitable for everyone, regardless of age or fitness level. The DS/DM method was developed by choreographers Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten and is the basis of every performance by ICK. The method has been taught worldwide for many years and plays an essential role for the dancers in the construction of ICK productions. The method is excellent as a starting point for creative process, for students, amateur dancers, schools and the business world.


Besides the existing website and the blog with in-depth content, ICK increasingly uses media to give context to a performance. More and more performances are accompanied by introductions, in the form of interviews on video or podcast, with makers and dancers. ICK Media also produces installations, livestreams and interpretations of performances by video makers, which are available for theatres and educational institutions. An Online Learning Platform is also in development, with an introduction to the backgrounds and artistic basis of ICK.


The Sensorium Toolkit is an instrument for dance teachers to stimulate students to dance and move through sensory experience. This physical box stimulates creativity and is full of tools for feeling, hearing, looking and smelling. This concentration on the senses facilitates the use of intuition in a creative process. Workshops with the Sensorium Toolkit can be organized upon request.


In addition to workshops and media, ICK strives for direct audience participation in several projects. This happens in the projects Vibes, WE, the BREATH, Forme(s) de vie and Harmonic Dissonance.

In collaboration with theatres, a “tailor-made” programme can be put together, based on the components mentioned above.