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Space For Dance Art - Theaterstudio Artist Space

ICK Space for Dance Art is the home of ICK Dance Amsterdam. A special space where not only the dancers of ICK Company have a slice, but where also the new creators of ICK Artist Space and the researchers of ICK Academy work and present. With its own media library, several studios and an 'underground' theater, Space for Dance Art is a lively hot-spot for dance in Amsterdam.

ICK offers spaces for rent in both Space for Dance Art in the multifunctional complex Westbeat, and in its external Theaterstudio Artist Space, located at the Wilhelmina Gasthuisterrein.

Space for Dance Art offers opportunities for workshops, dialogue and experimentation, creation and presentation. Theaterstudio Artist Space also offers space for small-scale performances, photo-shoots and dance or yoga classes.

Are you looking for a special location for an event, then Space for Dance Art is the place to be. We are happy to think along with you, and can provide production or content support if needed. All studios have excellent sound systems, lighting facilities, WiFi network and a light gray, vinyl dance floor.

The Westbeat building is fully wheelchair accessible, at Theaterstudio Artist Space accessibility for wheelchair users is unfortunately limited.


Address :

Space For Dance Art
Rijnlandlaan 3
1062 MX Amsterdam

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T: 020-6167240


Theaterstudio Artist Space
Eerste Helmersstraat 102½ ( opposite nr. 147 )
1054 DR Amsterdam

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