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To “warp” is to bend or turn from the direction or course.
In Star Trek, for example, starships enter warp to travel. In this show, that is inspired by the practice of continuous skipping, the dancers emerge within a space that is constantly in transit. In the mercy of external forces, they move within movement.
Through the disorientation and organisation of bodies and space, movement becomes a dance of potential transformations and narratives.

Born in Greece and trained in music and percussion before developing a passion for cinema and adopting dance as a privileged creative discipline, choreographer Andrea Hannes builds his Warping Soul around the concept of the fold- a deformation or curvature. The bodies emerging on stage resemble spaceships in Star Trek: continuously in transit, pushed by vectors and external forces. The disorientation and disorganization of bodies in space generates a series of potential transformations and narratives ready to surprise and hypnotize our gaze.


Andrea Hannes is born in Greece. He studied music and percussion at the university only to discover his parallel passion for film. In 2010, he moved to the Netherlands and started working as a freelance director and  producer of short films. He also held the artistic direction of Small House Production, a platform that initiated international interdisciplinary projects. His love for dance films quickly led me to choreography and now I am a graduate from the School for New Dance Development (Choreography) in Amsterdam. He describes his own work as eclectic: «I seek the tension in the distances between bodies, principles and ways of looking. I wonder the distance between the different fields, backgrounds and lives I’ve been through. My insistence on the creation, alteration and/or dissolution of narratives come hand in hand with spatial formal inquiries, aiming to resume (reveal) dance as an experience in the eyes and body of the beholder.Drama, as a life force, is most always present in the backdrop of the contexts I propose on stage; essentially for the creation of a flow that may lead to the re-discovery and re-figuration of a fluid identity. The spectacle, entertainment, science fiction and time tenses are exciting my heart, with all the social and political implications that they may contain.? At the moment, I focus on my love for dance, as a relation and practice that shapes hope and therefore future».

Andreas Hannes is one of the five Artists in residence at ICK-Artst Space, season 22/23.