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ILYA / Elsemarijn Hijweege

NEXT BEST FRINGE AWARD 2023 / Residency program

The makers of performances Through Spaceless Spaces - by ILYA - and The Grand Percussionist - by Yung-Tuan Ku and Che-Sheng Wu win the Next Best Fringe Award 2023.

At the end of Amsterdam Fringe Festival 2023, the makers nominated themselves for the 'Next Best Fringe Award ': a residency program at ICK Dans Amsterdam or at Het Huis Utrecht. You will receive coaching and studio space to further develop the artistic experiment these makers started at Fringe. You are also guaranteed a place on the programme of Amsterdam Fringe Festival in September 2024, where you, the audience, can see the renewed version of their performance.

Under the guidance of professionals, the makers in a residency get the chance to further develop the performances. The makers of Through Spaceless Spaces go into residency at ICK Dans Amsterdam, those of The Grand Percussionist go into residency at Fringe partner Het Huis Utrecht.

Every year, Amsterdam Fringe Festival participants are given the chance to apply for Next Best Fringe after the festival ends. A selection committee chooses two performances from the applications that win the residency and thus a guaranteed playing place for the next festival edition

photo © Carym Zidan