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TREVOGA Collective
Gerben Vaillant

Join us for these new adventures.

On 9 and 10 December 2022, Gerben Vaillant and Trevoga (Neda Ruzheva and Antonina Pushkareva) will share their research in De Vlugt, as a conclusion to their four-week New Adventures residency.  New Adventures is a programme of ICK Artist Space for new dance makers who want to deepen their creative practice. For a period of four weeks, these makers get the chance to work on their artistic development, focusing on the creative process. To facilitate this research, ICK provides guidance from the Artist Space and Academy departments. For the third New Adventures presentations of 2022 Gerben Vaillant and Trevoga return to the body in their researches on programmed ways of moving and the distance between humanity and reality. Both works are presented on the same evening in a double bill format, after which Gerben and Trevoga enter into dialogue with the audience to discuss their experiences and to reflect on their artistic research.