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Artistic Result from Moving Forward 2022

Mina Tomic

SMRK is a performance by Mina Tomic, made during the Moving Forward trajectory 2022, under the wings of ICK Artist Space. 

SMRK is in motion between an ascetic composition and a ruin, a synthesised relation between lamentation and distortion. The lament has an ascetic structure that can re-enact the ruin and the climax with the same integrity, under its own spatial, physical and emotional conditions.   

A good lament is expected to hold consistency in its performative execution, and a bad lament is lost or diluted by becoming overly emotional and losing control. SMRK is the breaking down of a lament, mixing its pure effect and limits of control. The ascetic is explored as the reduction to banal, generic forms that directly produce the calm effects of provoking power. To produce a lament without a cause, an abstinence that can last, united victim and witness, idiot and mourner. 

Mina Tomic studied choreography at SNDO - School for New Dance Development, in Amsterdam. Her practice is intuitive, working with movement, sound/noise, and architecture to test the monumental, the obsessed and ruptured. She strives to create encounters and events that go against the body of expectation.

The Moving Forward residency offers a twelve-week trajectory for a newly graduated artist, creating a bridge into the professional scene. The residency takes place at ICK-Artist Space as well as at Dansateliers in Rotterdam and Korzo, The Hague. This enables the artist to discover and engage with different houses, cities and networks in order to enlarge future development possibilities. At the end, the work is presented and shared with the audience.

SMRK is the outcome of the residency at ICK where the main work has been to initiate a dialogue with a hybrid of artists to put unresolved ideas to action. It has been developed in different stages together with Oskar Petzet, Omid Tabari, Johhan Rosenberg, Artjom Astrov, Kobi Swissa, and will continue to shift. Another version of the work will be shown in Zagreb in Galerija Močvara in July 2022.


Photo © Alwin Poiana

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