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Constantin Trommlitz


Constantin Trommlitz (1996, Frankfurt am Main) is a dancer, choreographer, and filmmaker based in Amsterdam. His background in movement is in Breaking, an art form he cites as the prime influence on his work. In his choreographic work, he enjoys merging highly acrobatic elements of Breaking with a contemporary approach to process and embody real emotions in himself and other performers. Currently, Constantin is investigating the expression of pain - how can one change the narrative of pain from a limitation to a motor for self-expression and virtuous movement?  
Constantin is a housemaker at the production house Korzo in The Hague, and will soon become an artist in resident at K3 in Hamburg.  
During the <New Adventures> residency in April 2024, Constantin aims to deepen into the expression of chronic pain through movement. He is interested in how addressing it openly in dialogue with a group of dancers can lead to a process of healing, and how our own sensations of pain can provide inspiration and urgency to be transformed into movement. At the same time, the residency allows Constantin to apply his own movement language deriving from Breaking to a group of dancers with different backgrounds, and to research how merging it with a contemporary influence can make space for emotions and stories. 

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Photo © Philippe Vogelenzang