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Nicola Galli

supported artist 2022

Nicola Galli is fascinated by the anatomy of the body and there is always a strong relationship between the human being and nature in his physical and contemporary work. This is due to his passion for geometry, astronomy and photography: disciplines that all deal with proportions and details. Since 2014, Galli has been supported by TIR DANZA, a dance organisation funded by the Italian Ministry. Nicole was already a guest at ICK-Fest in 2019 with MARS, the third part in the series on the solar system, and in 2021 with Genoma Scenico, a performance inspired by genome research. In September 2022 Nicola is working in ICK-Artist Space for an international research residency to continue working on a new performance. With thanks to Young Artsupport Amsterdam for the housing support that makes this international residency possible.