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Thais Di Marco & Diego Oliveira


Thais Di Marco (they/them) is a choreographer and directorfrom São Paulo, based in Amsterdam since 2016. Thais is a Queer Roma descendent, born in a traditional Candomblécommunity called Redandá, where they hold the title of Egbomi (Young Shaman). 

Thais has graduated at DAS Choreography in 2018, with a research project in Benin on decolonial aesthetics mentored by the artist Romuald Hazoumè. They have worked in the intersection between social movements and art, studying and collaborating with movements such as the guerrilla EZLN in Mexico, the independent space Bon Gah in Iran, and at the anarcho-feminist movement Mujeres Creando in Bolívia.

Thais is currently a fellow research artist at Waag, guest teacher at Masters in Dance at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp and 3 Package Deal nominated artist by AFK. Thais is the director of The Goldfish Bleeding in a Sea of Sharks and BIXARIA - Queer Brazilian Club Night.  They have also collaborated with WORM - Rotterdam, Framer Framed, The Black Archives, Decolonial Dialogues, Frascati, Veem House, Theater Rotterdam, Tropen Museum and Stedelijk Museum.  
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Diego Oliveira is a movement researcher, choreographer and dance teacher from Parana, Brazil, residing in Amsterdam since 2011. Within 15 years of experience, he is involved inteaching street styles, creating shows, organizing events and advising other creators.

Diego is a self-taught street dancer and movement artist with keen interest in the spiritual and educational aspects of art. Deeply committed to his roots and ancestry, he uses dance as a powerful tool to heal, reclaim identity and increase self-awareness.  

Diego created his own teaching method in movement called 'Organic Movement Flow, in which he explores physical and mental practices and wide range of movement and improvisational techniques. The method has a focus on embodying dance as a meditative-spiritual practice, or as forms of connecting with instinct and intuition. 

Graduated at SNDO in the Amsterdam School of Arts, he currently teaches at Dance Connects Community, Chassé Studios and teaches and coaches at Fontys Dance Academy and at the Amsterdam School of Arts.

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During their <New Adventures> residency in April 2024, Thais and Diego will explore the military tactic called swarming. Swarming is a term used in contemporary warfare to describe military strategies of groups confronting opponents that hold a much bigger disproportionate force. Swarming is the tactic of motion inside of homes, and ultimately, inside of bodies to confront geopolitical power that intrudes from the sky through the sealing. Thais and Diego will study swarming as a movement principle, with the end goal of a swarming dance for those who will live through moving in front of enemies they can't defeat. The research is part of multiple actions reclaiming art works that were translated into military tactics by military intelligence departments.