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Andreas Hannes

Swinging and swaying, in gradual shifts and surprising outbursts

Andreas Hannes is fascinated by everyday movements. His new work Sway, danced by himself, is a rhythmic and adventurous solo based on a movement that everyone knows: swinging and swaying, whirling and rocking.

Previously, Hannes made Tremble (2019), a performance in which skipping was elevated to an art. He did this so infectiously that audience members left the theatre skipping themselves. In his work, Hannes focuses on 'ordinary' movements that evoke associations with childhood and memories. In Sway, Hannes sways and swings on a journey between landscapes, myths, musical lines and fantasies. The solo offers a light-hearted look at how a person can deal with struggles and the idea of progress.

Just as a visual artist can build an object, piece by piece, Hannes analyses movements and takes them apart, then rebuilds them, each time in a different manner. In Sway, he is interested in the distance between personal stories and world history and attempts to make sense of notions around change.

Andreas Hannes (Greece, 1987) is trained as a percussionist and choreographer and has a passion for film. As a choreographer, he is influenced by the minimalism of American avant-garde choreographer Lucinda Childs and the geometric arrangement in the work of Flemish dance pioneer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. Distance and transformation are essential in his practice.

His work is always about connection, about distancing and coming closer again, about making contact: "The definition of dance in theatre for me is: coming together. (...) Even though there is distance between us, each of us is connected to the other. That distance is precisely what makes it interesting." (Parool, Nov 2019)

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Co-production ICK Dans Amsterdam

Photo © Paulina Prokop