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Double Points: Orgel


Emio Greco | Pieter C Scholten

Invited by Orgelpark Amsterdam, and triggered by the imposing presence of the Busy Drone dance organ, Greco and Scholten will continue their research into the relationship between music and dance, in particular the concept of ‘dancicality’. The Orgelpark’s goal is to present the organ in a new way, thereby integrating it into musical life.To that end it is exploring unusual combinations for the organ with musical forms like jazz and improvised music and with other art disciplines like film, mime and dance.

In Double Points: Orgel Greco and Scholten will work together once again with French composer Franck Krawczyk. In 2008 Krawczyk made an adaptation of Bach’s St. Matthew Passion for [pugatorio] IN VISIONE. To Krawczyk the dislocation of existing order is a key concept of his musical language. He looks for frictions within existing music as a starting point for creating something new. For Double Points: Orgel he will point his arrows at the music of György Sándor Ligeti, one of the key figures of European avant-garde music.

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