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Liza Sulaiman

New Adventures 2023 #2 / Supported Artist

Liza Sulaiman (Netherlands, 1994) is one of the New Adventures makers of 2023. Liza grew up in Amsterdam within an Iraqi and Belarussian family. At the age of twelve, she started taking hip-hop classes at Solid Ground Movement and danced in several productions from Alida Dors and Bryan Druiventak. After obtaining a Bachelor in Law (2015), Liza started at the Urban-Contemporary Dance department at Fontys University for Fine and Performing Arts in Tilburg, where she graduated in Choreography (2021). The year following her graduation, Liza was supported by Theater DeSingel Antwerp and worked on projects within the Netherlands and Belgium. 

Through her work, Liza wants to build a bridge towards the tragedy within ourselves and the world. The images we prefer to look away from, the untold stories and repressed feelings. Liza explores how we relate to our own body and other bodies within an unjust world. Despite the confrontational themes, Liza is interested in the nuance of things. Balancing on the border of turmoil and stillness, tragedy and comedy, chaos and control, distance and proximity, connection and disconnection. She attempts to illuminate and embody both the fragility and resilience of the human condition. With a poetic hope to (re)find the harmony within ourselves and with each other. 

Liza got inspired by the concept of the 'fragmented body' from philosopher Jacques Lacan. A body that can be constructed by an imaginary anatomy. During New Adventures (2023), Liza wants to explore how the body moves when it exceeds its own anatomical borders. How it can adapt or defend itself from all circumstances that makes it vulnerable. The inviolable body as an utopy within a dystopian landscape.